The Grey Realms

Days 14-20

As told by Oris in the Kingmaker’s Tavern:

The party of our last adventure, myself, Delloric, Bulwark, Sophia, and Selena had picked up a new member named Vincent Vega, a Longtooth Cleric in search of treasure. Off we went to the Kobold Camp to continue are quest to save Weyward from the threat of Kobold attacks. We couldn’t reach the fortress by nightfall and so the party decided to camp out in a grove of pink trees they found. The grove had some sort of magic and lulled us to sleep as Bulwark, ever vigilant, kept watch. We came upon a strange elf the next morning. Although he did not give us his name, he claimed to be the Guardian of this grove, protecting it from the Urisks and Kobolds in their power struggle for dominion of the forest. We told him that we would solve this problem for him but he merely insults our abilities as fighters. Of course this only strengthened our resolve to end the threat and so off we went on the rest of our journey to the Kobold’s fortress. Shortly after exiting the Grove, we came upon a camp of Urisks which took kindly to the sight of Bulwark’s Kobold skulls. We come to an agreement that we will help them fight the Kobolds since this was our original goal.

Before reaching the Kobold’s fortress we came across a large hallowed out tree. When we entered we were attacked by huge spiders, each one the size of a man. We managed to slay the horde but the battle took it’s toll. Many of us were injured and Sophia lay dead on the ground. We decided it would be best to attack the Kobold fortress at our prime and so we returned to town to heal up. At town we managed to recruit a new member, Nala the Dragonborn Paladin.

Healed and resupplied, we entered the Grey Realms again. When we managed to reach the Kobold fortress, we decided to speak with the Kobold leader in order to gain favor from both the Kobolds and the Urisks. We manage to gain the trust of the Kobolds and so together we hatched a plan that would solve the Kobold and Urisks problem once and for all by making them fight each other.

We told the Kobolds that we would lure out the Guardian so that they Kobold forces could take him out with our help, leaving the Grove defenseless so that the Kobolds could seize it. After we left the Kobold fortress, we traveled back to the Urisk encampment and told them that we had managed to lure the Kobolds out of their fortress, making it easy for the Urisks to kill them. They believe us and all the pieces of our plan were complete. Once all was set, we told the Guardian of our success who was so pleased by our ingeniousness that he was honored to join us in picking off the remnants of the fight.

We picked the battle ground and Selena let off a flare into the sky. The signal was sent and both armies mobilized towards the fighting ground. We stayed in the background, watching as the Kobolds and Urisks eliminated each other. We picked off the remaining Kobolds with ease and thus we were victorious in saving the Grove, and saving you all (Weyward) from the their attacks.

We then proceed to loot the Kobold fortress because as the saying goes, “to the victor goes the spoils,” and earned our just reward for our work. We decided to investigated the hollowed out tree again since we had gone stronger but the spiders will still too much for us to take at the moment. Don’t get me wrong though; we still managed to slay them all, for we are mightier than any spider no matter how large. And thus ended our amazing and fantastic adventures. Any donations for saving Weyward will be appreciated, a portion of which will go towards the Raven Queen Memorial fund.


After all my epic displays of diplomacy I still cant sing in the tavern without getting booed off stage

Days 14-20

You just need a new song.

Days 14-20

Vincent was in search of a hospital i believe…

Days 14-20

@Alex, Well you can edit the log at any time. @Luke, Your next log post should be in lyric form.

Days 14-20

Maybe a limerick, Im not too good with songs

Days 14-20

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