The Grey Realms

Days 33-35

Okay, a lot happened and I will try to get it all but don’t hate me if I forget something just edit.

So the party of Oris, Dr. Niggerbaiter, Delloric, Selena, and Heoff headed off into the Dragon Fang Hills to explore an Ancient Temple that they had heard about long ago. It took about two days but they arrived at the place without getting lost because of their “natural” leader Heoff. The place was pretty dilapidated but was still structurally sound enough to house mushroom men, spiders, and golems that proved to be no match for our strength and skill.

Our explorations turned up nothing spectacular until we had come across a scrying pool. As Heoff jumped in we had discovered it to be a “Hot Tub Time Machine” and we had traveled back several thousand years into the past. We had traveled far enough back in time that that temple was in its prime and still inhabited by people. The place was a Temple devoted to the god Bahamut and was guarded by a legion of elite warriors known as the Dragoons. They were a peaceful group and we managed to learn some things about the Grey Realms past by talking with them. One thing we learned was about an artifact called the Rose of Eternity that was held in the Temple itself. With the some trickery, Oris managed to convince the guards to hide it in a specific spot so that when the party returned to the future, they could claim it for themselves. While talking with them we had learned of a place called Tempus Fugit that flew in the sky. Tempus Fugit, meaning Time Flies (clever Ben and his latin trickery), is the silver city of legend and floats in the sky by the work of powerful mages.

The people of the Temple were mentioning that the people of Tempus Fugit were becoming more and more violent when, speak of the devil, mages and warriors from Tempus Fugit launched a surprise attack on the Temple. We managed to fight several of them off but their were to many of them that we couldn’t defend the Temple. So we fled back to the present day through the scrying pool and explored some more of the area, hoping to find any information on what happened that might have been preserved in a secret library chamber.

Upon entering the library, we had come across a mage examining the tomes. He teleported himself back to the to past to avoid a conflict and so Delloric and Heoff followed him by using the scrying pool and attacked him in the past. As the mage traveled back and forth from past to present, we took turns beating up on him until he finally laid dead. What this mage was looking for we don’t know but what we do know is that he is from the Tempus Fugit. After this fight we deemed it time to return to Weyward and heal up.


“proved to be no match for our strength and skill” I dont know about the rest of you but I felt like we came close to the edge a few times, and by the way I think I speak for Eric and myself when I say we need tanks to tank, not strikers and leaders.

Days 33-35

I was actually going to say that “no match” wasn’t the most accurate way to describe it… as, you know, several times I almost DIED and people needed heals we didn’t always have.

Days 33-35

Oh yeah, and Andrew’s epic tackle of the time-traveler was left out. :-D

Days 33-35

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