The Grey Realms

Days 37-40

(FYI not much plotwise happened so if thats all you care about, dont bother reading this)

Bulwark, Heoff, Lorenzo, Dr. Fred, and myself decided that our loot to adventuring ratio was too low and collectively we decieded to go to a gem mine we had heard rumors about somewhere in the Grey Mountains. After crossing the wilds and a great 10 foot chasm Heoff found the mine with his dwarven nose for ores and the like.

Upon entering the mine we found fortifications had been erected to keep intruders out, and goblins behind said fortifications. We dispatched them with ease. In the next room however the goblins had a height advatage as they were up fairly high on sloping terrain. We battled skullcleavers and assassins as hexers and snipers rained down their feeble attempts at attacks. We dispatched the warriors and Dr. Fred and myself knocked the other goblins off their perch with arrows and shouting respectively. After this fight we rested.

In the next room we found an elevator that dropped us down a level into a pit of goblins and fire constructs, these fire beasts especially the hurlers proved troublesome as they dealt quite alot of damage. We were victorious but Lorenzo came perilously close to death. Dr. Fred did some recon and found a room of Beetles which we soon dispatched leading to more gems for us. Dr. Fred also found a store room and when Heoff opened a crate, a DIRE WEASEL attacked him, Heoff fought valiantly and slew it.

Next we entered another room that contained goblins and fire creatures and there was also a portal to the fire plane which kept spawning more creatures. It was a long battle but we were victorious in the end. There was an elevator in this room as well and we snuck a peek at what was in the next room down, Golems, large ones with runes for lightning inscribed in them. The party decided to head back to town instead of attacking them.

In town Heoff, Lorenzo, and Myself had a contest to see who could get the most tavern wenches, of course the musician won but Lorenzo did beat Heoff and acheive his life long goal. Also in town Heoff became an alchamists apprentice, and Bulwark asked what would happen if he climbed into the sky (he crits the role) and recieves the stairway to heaven acheivement. Next time we are together we shall find a way to either destroy those golems or bend them to our will!

Penned by Delloric Hell-Fate bard extraordinaire

P.S. I played in the tavern and didn’t suck, even got 19 gold, I was psyched.



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