The Grey Realms

Days 9-11

Day 9

Our three tested adventurers, Delloric Hell-Fate (thats me!), Oris, and Bulwark of the Many Skulls set out with two newbies Sophia “the throat slitter” Lamb, an elvish rogue, and Selena an elvish cleric, to the cleverly named One Tree Tower. Under darkened skies and heavy rain Selena lead the party through the Bell-Tree Forest, yet because of the rain the party decieded to make camp before reaching their destination. In the night they were awoken by Bulwark who announced that they were under attack. It turns out that they were indeed surrounded by feral hobbits the companions proceed to dispatch them, and I never left the tree I had slept in. The newbies proved to be fairly worthy.

Day 10

By daybreak it becomes clear that Selena has lead the party astray, Oris climbs a tree and points the party in the right direction again. The soon reach One tree tower under a much lighter but still persistant rain. The party enters the first floor of the tower and are meet by more feral hobbits called Urisk, who have fortified their lobby against invaders. Bulwark proceeds to force two bowman hiding behind an upright table against the wall, pinning them there with said table, and all the rest except a shaman are killed. The shaman at the request of Selena is questioned, when no answers were forthcoming she was tortured by myself and Bulwark and eventually killed by Sophia. The second floor of the tower proved more of a challenged and everyone except myself and Oris were knocked unconscious at one point or the other. We eventually overcame our battle but decided to rest on the top floor before moving to the basement.

Day 11

We entered the basement, Sophia bravely (foolishly) ran straight into the room filled with heavily fortified enemies, and Bulwark proceeded to break through a stone wall crushing the enemy behind it and making a very large hole, this earned him the “Ooh Yeah” acheivement. Shamans proved to be troublesome by dazing everyone. The battle dragged on but we came out victorious with scars to tell of the day. We entered a hallway that was infested with rats, I attempted to “Pied Piper” them but they just dont appreciate the “Rock and Roll”. We dispatched them but the swarm of rats proved a difficult foe to slay. We finally came to the main room of the basement and met the rat king, who proceeded to thank us for riding his tower of Urisk, and he promised us a grand reward, we were to be sacrificed to his god! We said thanks but no thanks in the nicest way possible by having Oris seperate his skull after Bulwark and Selena beat him to a bloody pulp. We then dealt with the reamaining rats including two more swarms and grabbed our loot. Magic items all around. We then triumphantly returned to town, me strumming my lute, Oris adjusting his fedora, and the rest limping into the doctors office for healing.

Penned by Delloric Hell-Fate; Bard Extraordinaire


Did you want me to do a new post? If not oh well, suck it up.

Days 9-11

Fixed some of the names and grammar…Other than that, it’s a pretty solid write up! If anyone else wants to add material, feel free to go ahead.

Days 9-11

Yeah I only called Emily Seline because thats what I thought it said on the paper next to her name, not sure if she changed it or not

Days 9-11

Yes, I changed it. And it’s Selena

Days 9-11

Hey Emily you do know that your character is put in as an NPC right? You can and probably should change that since I first thought that Selena was a character that you all met not one of the party.

Days 9-11

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