The Grey Realms

In The Beginning...

Day One,

Our adventurers’ tale begins as most do, in the local bar. It was a motley group of adventurers: Dr. Niggerbaiter the Half-Orc Ranger, Oris the Deva Avenger, Delloric Hellfate the Half-Elf Bard, Bulwark The Outcast a Warforged Fighter, and finally, Heoff the Hungerer, a Dwarven Barbarian. Although they have come to the Grey Realms for various reasons, they chose to travel together, all of them seeking fame and fortune. And this, is their first adventure.

Hearing rumors of Kobolds training Drakes in nest to the northwest of Weyward, they take their first steps through the Dragon Fang Hills. They reach the nest without difficulties and plan how best to approach the cave. Several of the members suggest the party hides in a pile of drake manure at the entrance to the cave and lure the kobolds out into an ambush. However Oris, elegant spirit that he is replies, “I am NOT hiding in Drake shit!” and proceeds to run straight into the cavern. This of course alerts the Kobolds of their presence and Oris takes a lot of damage. Thankfully the rest of the party came to combat the Kobolds. Although they stand victorious after their first encounter, they have much more difficult tasks ahead of them. They eventually come across the Drakes that inhabit the nest which proved to be more difficult than the Kobolds. This however does not stop our mighty heroes as the push deeper into the cave. Ironically, the swarm of baby drakes proved to be the most trouble towards the party; knocking them down and nibbling on their bodies. Along the way they also came across a strange beetle of an unknown species. It eats gems in the earth and absorbs them into their skin, endowing them with slight elemental properties. They called it a Gem Beetle and kept a carcass for further study.

Many wounds are received as the party travels deeper, fighting off a variety Kobolds and Drakes. Several characters are revived from consciousness with fractured skulls and broken legs. Forced to return to town to lick heal their injuries, the party gives up adventuring for the day. They made it back to the town during the night avoiding a near Dragon encounter that flew overhead to the north east.

Day Two,

Taking the Gem Beetle’s corpse to the local smith, he informs the party that he is able inlay the gems in the creatures hide into their armor, granting them special resistances to certain elements.

After resting up and resupplying, the party returns to the nest to finish off what they had started. The second day proved to be in the parties favor as they pulled of tremendous feats in the middle of battle. Heoff slays a Guard Drake and then action points to charge and slay another enemy, killing two enemies in one round turn. Not to be outdone, Oris uses his Shared Madness technique to kill two enemies simultaneously, unlocking the achievement “Two Drakes, One Cup(25)”. Heoff charges a stone wall, climbing up ten feet and cleaves a Drake with his great axe in one fluid motion while Delloric shatters Gem Beetles with the sound waves from his magic imbued lute, granting him the achievement “Activating Star Power (30)”.

Finally reaching the end of the cave, the party encounters the large Rage Drake. Although he seemed powerful at first, it was no match for the party. Dr. Niggerbaiter used his well trained eye and powerful great bow to shoot arrows into the soft throat of the Drake. As blood flowed from the mortal wound, the Drake entered a blind rage, becoming even more dangerous for the party. This however did not stop Bulwark as he jumped onto the back of the Drake and cut him right down the middle from head to tail. After this amazing show of strength, he preceded to be mauled into unconsciousness by the infamous swarm of Baby Drakes. However once the rest of the enemies were defeated, their quest was complete, they had saved Weyward from the impending Kobold cavalry attack. Amongst the cave the party found a couple magical items. A Pan Pipe that could lull enemies into a state of unawareness and a kerchief granting attack bonuses to whoever wore it. Both of these items were taken by Dr. Niggerbaiter. Although it was not in the most stunning fashion, the party exceeded the expectations of the people and defeated their first threat.


You know, technically, they weren’t babies…but yes, they were deadly.

In The Beginning...

You forgot to mention that everyone was impressed by my Irish step dance

In The Beginning...

Very good, but understated my epic lute playing, and my failed attempt at impersonating a dragon

In The Beginning...

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