A Deva thousands of years old and trained in the arts of the Avenger.


STR: 12 HP: 38

CON: 12 AC: 20

DEX: 16 FORT: 12

INT: 14 REF: 14

WIS: 16 WILL: 14

CHA: 16 MAIN WEAPON: Great Sword


Breaking free from the Astral Plane many thousands of years ago, Oris entered the realm of mortals in search of something other than the monotonous prison he had inhabited since the Creation. The world was yet undeveloped and men, elves, dwarves, and many other races were just starting to create the grand empire that exists today. He traversed the lands, seeking adventure and the danger. Although his flesh can be killed, his ethereal form is immortal and so he became fascinated with death, driving himself into greater danger so that he could feel “alive” being so close to death. Through his many trials he learned how to fight and became an Avenger, fighting in the name of the Raven Queen. As the millenniums passed, he watched civilization build up around him, covering up the land that he thought of as his own. Now that the corners of the map are filled and there is no more need for adventurers, he has come to Weyward. The Grey Realms, he hopes, will be his new land of discovery and danger so that he may feel that sense of liveliness again.


The Grey Realms Schizo