Delloric Hell-fate

Kills with Lute= 4


Initiative:6 STR: 10 CON: 17 DEX: 11 INT: 14 WIS: 10 CHA: 19

HP: 43 Healing Surges: 10

AC: 20 FORT: 16 REF: 16 WILL: 18

WEAPON: Blade of Triumph, Lute!!!!!

ARMOR: Chainmail +1, Magic Shield (forgot the name)

Magic Items: Fear Mask (forgot name), Good Luck Charm


Born the bastard son of an elvish woman and a traveling minstrel, Delloric has never had a great life. His clan looked upon him with disgust and his mother always felt a great shame for giving birth to him. When he was old enough to take care of himself, he was cast out of the clan. Seeking to find his father and a place to belong he looked for a band of traveling minstrels. Although he never found his father, one group did take him in and proceeded to teach him the ancient ways of the bard. For ten years he was raised by the group and they became like a family to him. One night however a chill wind blew, and a dark force descended on the camp, a powerful mage and his horde of summoned demons. They slaughtered everyone, except Delloric. The mage himself looked upon him that night and smiled, “It is not your fate to die here tonight, you will live and serve your purpose, but remember this, we will meet again, in hell.” Delloric crushed by the loss of his family, travelled alone to the nearest city. The bastard had never had a surname, and he decided that his fate of encountering the mage again was inspiration enough for a name. Thus Delloric Hell-fate was born in the southern city of Dayrim, and began to build his reputation as a bard. But hiding under the wining smile and biting sarcastic wit was a pain that he believed could only be dulled by finding his father. When a man matching his description ( a human bard of great skill) was said to be among a military company heading into the Grey Realms, Delloric decided he would go as well and seek him out…

Update: I’ve heard from other adventurers in Weyward that a snarky bard has been traveling with a group of knights they are following, could this be my father, I must find out!!!

Delloric Hell-fate

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