Bulwark The Outcast

A mechanical former-guardsman trying to outrun his past.


HP: 31 INIT: +2 AC: 17 STR: 18 CON: 16 DEX: 14 INT: 11 WIS: 10 CHA: 11 Weapon: Greataxe


Created in the Last Spawning, he was designed to make the last stand in Cyre. As a guardsman of the outer wall of Cyre he was called Bulwark. When the time for siege came he stood on the battlements, defending against siege towers. On the day that came to be known as The Day of Mourning, the section of wall that he was charged to ward was destroyed by a magically empowered missile. He lay among the wreckage unable to move for several days. Finally the rubble was dislodged by a group of survivors attempting to repair their destroyed homes. When he came to bearings with his surroundings, he discovered that he had failed. Because he was designed for a particular purpose failure in that area was unthinkable for him. Unable to cope with what he had let happen, he left Cyre. He wandered from city to city, town to town, village to village, but every one he came to reminded him of his failure. He concluded that the only was to escape was to escape civilization. With this conviction, and title “The Outcast,” he has entered the Grey Realms in hopes of outrunning himself.

Bulwark The Outcast

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