Level 1 AC 15 FORT 12 REF 14 WILL 15 STR 11 CON 15 DEX 12 INT18 WIS 14 CHA 10 HP 25 WEAPONS Implement staff ATT BONUS +2 DAMAGE 1d8


Richard is a Githyanki wizard (if Ben lets me) from the Scales of war adventure pack (because I did not know what that meant at the time). He came to the Grey Realms after wiping out large numbers of people in other areas in accordance to the teachings of the Tharizdun cult. He was sent to the Grey Realms in search of relics and Shrines to his god and to find objects to channels more power to Tharizdun so that he can break his chains. Richard enjoys killing prisoners and just regular people and buildings to help prepare the world for the liberation of Tharizdun.


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