The Guardian

The protector of the Bell Tree Grove


The Guardian of the Grove is the protector of the Bell Trees of the Grove. Over 100 years ago, he was a member of an adventuring company. While venturing into the wilds, the entire party was killed, save The Guardian. He fled and found himself in the Bell Tree Grove, where he met the past Guardian and came under his tutalge. The mystical power of the Grove has granted him extended life and great combat powers. It is unknown what happened to the previous Guardian.

The Guardian keeps a watchful eye over any intruders in the Grove. He prefers to keep hidden, but will interfere to prevent any harm to the Grove. Until recently, The Guardian was at odds with the Urisk tribes and Kobolds of the region, who were attempting to destroy the Grove. Both the Kobolds and the Urisk were tricked and defeated by the party, eliminating the threat.

The Guardian currently views himself as an ally of the party, and is willing to provide shelter and advice to the party should they visit the Grove.

The Guardian

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