Heoff the Betrayer

the outcast Barbarian


AC 16 h2. Fort 18 h1. Reflex 13 h1. Will 11 h1. HP 43


Heoff the Hungerer. Those were the times. I had family, good fortune, friends and wealth. They called me ‘Hungerer’ because of my appetite for the pleasures; women, mead, and feasting. My tribe was powerful, and our Chieftain and Chieftainness were wise and strong. They were my mother and my father. Life was good.

I reached the age when I had survived eighteen winters, and thus it was time for my trials. I was to go out on a hunt for the largest Bear and slay it, bringing back only its head as proof. The bear was the great spirit that watched over our tribe, and it was the highest honor to bring back a head. I went out, confident that I would easily kill the bear. And I found him. And I killed him. That’s when it happened.

There were some who were jealous of our Chieftain. They wanted him dead. So, while I left for my hunt, they killed my father, being cowards, whilst he slept. My mother, the Chieftainness, had to go as well. So they gave her poison in her evening mead. With my parents dead, I was to become the new Chieftain. But the one who killed them had a plan. He used my sister to frame me. He got her to testify that I was plotting against my parents. His name was Kelfring.

Kelfring poisoned the mind of my sister, wooing her with his charm. My sister was training under our High Shaman, learning to follow in her footsteps. But she could not assume the role until the High Shaman died. Kelfring asked her “why wait?” and so my sister killed the High Shaman. Kelfring married her. She loved him. He loved her power.

Upon my return from a successful trial, my best friend told my that my parents had been killed. I knew of Kelfring. I knew that he wanted what we had. He accused me of killing my parents. I told him that i could not, I was doing my Spirit Trial. He said that he knew that I would use that excuse. My sister then stepped forward, spurting lies about a plot, and how my best friend, Hruntgar, did the deeds, and I would pay him greatly for his service.

And the tribe believed.

They executed Hruntgar. I was forced to watch while they beheaded him, and while Kelfring sat next to my sister, eating his mutton and drinking his mead. After the execution, he stood. He said to our tribe, my tribe, that the Great Spirits know all. They know that a great darkness has befallen the tribe. He said that I am that darkness. He said that we needed a new Chieftain, and that the Great Spirits new that, too. That was when my sister stood. She said that the Great Spirits gave her a dream, a dream that told her to elect Kelfring as the new Chieftain. The people agreed. I was a traitor. No one wanted me to have my birthright. And so she named Kelfring the new Chieftain, on the spot, because the Great Spirits told her to.

He told the people that he was a good leader. He said that he was going to make me suffer. I was to be renamed, to be known as Heoff the Betrayer. And so it was. He then said that I was to be banished from the tribe upon the pain of death. I can take death. No, it was what happened next that made the sentence permanent. My sister asked the Great Spirits to aid her in a spell. She said that if I were ever to return alive that the Great Spirits would never take my soul amongst there own. I would not join my father and mother or my ancestors. I would be a lost soul.

No fate is worse.

I left the tribe that very night, with a name of shame, no tribe, no birthright, and no friends. I began to wander.

One night, I found myself in a tavern, taking refuge in one of my only pleasures: mead. I overheard a mage talking in the corner to some adventurers. I heard him speak of a wizard who put his soul in an object to become an undead and immortal. He called it a lich. Not living, but living. I then realized how i could get my revenge. If i could become undead, I could go back to the tribe and end the real traitor’s life. Kelfring would die. My maul would not spare my sister, either. But as the mage talked, his story got better. He spoke of a way to steal the souls of others. Now I know what I must do. Their souls will be damned to the fate they have tried to give me. Perhaps a necromancer will pay a fine price for the souls of dwarven traitors. My old name is forgotten. My new one shall be replaced as well. I will be known as Heoff the Feared.

Kelfring will be the first to scream it as he dies.

Heoff the Betrayer

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