Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

A pansy-ass Paladin


AC: 19

HP: 43

STR: 14 CON:17 DEX:10 INT: 8 WIS: 11 CHA: 18

Trained in heal, Intimidate, and diplomacy

Weilds a HAmmer


Lorenzo was once a great well known actor. He had money, servants, a mansion, and most importantly, woman. He had every babe he wanted This was the perfect life for Lorenzo, until he one day did the unimaginable.

He killed one.

He didnt mean to. He’s a nice guy. But she was drunk, and he was wasted on something as well. Plus, she rated really low on the hot-crazy scale. She was a muthafuckin crazy ass bitch. She started the fight. But Lorenzo finished it.

He was convicted of rape. The judge gave him an easy sentence. The tabloids were nice to him because he felt bad

When his sentence ended, Lorenzo knew he had to change his life. He sold all of his worldly possessions. He bought some armor and an axe. He then travelled to the grey realms to redeem himself, to do whats right and just.

and karma bit him in the butt because now that dumbass dwarf gets all the babes :-(

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

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