The Stone of Jordan

Real or Good Imitation?


Effect: After expending a daily/encounter power, use the ring’s power and roll a d20. On 18,19, or 20, the power is not expended. On a 1,2, or 3, the user must expend 2 more daily/encounter powers or sustain 20 necrotic damage.


According to some texts, a powerful ring was created that was named the Stone of Jordan. The Stone of Jordan was so powerful, that many people coveted it. Capitalizing on the desire for the Stone of Jordan, a group of mages decided to create a bunch of knock-off imitations of the Stone of Jordan. These fake rings were distributed far and wide, and eventually word got around that the Stone of Jordan was a knock-off artifact and was worthless, and the demand for the ring dropped off.

It is unclear if the Stone of Jordan in your possession is infact the original artifact, or just one of the better knock-off models.

(+5 experience to the first player to get the Stone of Jordan joke)

The Stone of Jordan

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