These are the current achievements unlocked by the players so far. If you want to get one, do something amazing!

Activating Star Power: Delloric Hell-fateUse the Perform skill to get a multi-kill.

Two Drakes, One Cup: OrisUse psychic damage to blow the minds of two Drakes simulatneously.

OOOOHHHH YEAH!!!: Bulwark The OutcastBurst through a wall and make a dramatic entry.

Dress Up: Bulwark The OutcastComplete your pretty costume and put it to practical use.

Puppet Master: Selena, Bulwark The Outcast, Delloric Hell-fate, Oris, Vincent Vega, and NalaPlay both sides of a conflict and eliminate both.

Isn’t This Danger Close?: Dr. Fred NiggerbaiterThrow caution to the wind and snipe in CQC.

Ouch Charlie, That Hurt!: SelenaReceive a Stubbed Toe injury.

Pew! Pew! Pew!: Dr. Fred NiggerbaiterMake creative use of the temple’s furniture.

The Playbook: Lorenzo Von MatterhornBeat the playa at his own game.

Stairway to Heaven: Bulwark The OutcastWhat happens if I climb into the sky?

F.U.B.A.R.: Bulwark The Outcast, Heoff the Betrayer, Selena, Oris, and RichardDetermine that the cause of the problem is the lack of a library, and improvise from there.

FYI I’m An Elf: Selena“Too bad nobody here is immune to sleep…”

“Damned Spot”: Heoff the BetrayerMake Shakespeare proud and get away with murder.


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