City of Silver

Long ago, before the Grey Realms slipped into decay during the Age of Darkness, there was a maginifcent city built by powerful wizards. It was known as City of Silver to many, or by it’s proper name, Tempus Fugit. The great city was built entirely out of silver and floated in the skies above the Grey Realms, levitated by powerful mages.

The party learned much information about Tempus Fugit during their temporal shift into the past in the Ancient Temple to Bahumat. The mages of Tempus Fugit were some of the most powerful in the world at the height of their power. In their city, they would fly to the various regions of the Realm, bring trade and wealth to every corner of the world. However, the mages were also ruthless in dealing with those who disagreed with them, often using their magic to “bombard” uncoperative cities into oblivion. It is also apparent that the mages of Tempus Fugit were experimenting with Time Magic, and may have been able to travel through time.

For an unknown reason, the mages of Tempus Fugit had gotten into a disagreement with the Dragoons who lived in the Dragoon Hills, now known as the Dragon Fang Hills. These hostilities culminated into a surprise attack by Tempus Fugit cultist on the main Temple to Bahumat (a conflict that the heroes participated in, for that matter).

The fate of the City of Silver remains unknown. The current location of the city is unknown, as it is obviously not in flight anymore. It is also unknown what caused the eventual downfall of what was once the greatest city in the world.

It goes without saying that anyone who was able to find the ruins of the City of Silver would be considered wealthy, and potentially powerful, beyond measure.

City of Silver

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