Dragon Fang Hills

The Dragon Fang Hills is a region just northeast of Weyward Village. It is a region of steep rolling hills and thin soil, and occassional rock outcroppings. The locals of Weyward consider the Hills to be more dangerous than the Bell Tree Forest, due to the militarized bands of Kobolds and Drakes that patrol the region.

Before the Age of Darkness, the Dragon Fang Hills were known as the Dragoon Hills, and were home to a prestigious order of Dragon Hunters, or Dragoons. The people of the Dragoon Hills seemed to worship the Dragon God Bahumat. The Dragoon Hills were attacked by the mages of Tempus Fugit following some unclear dispute.

Currently, Heoff the Betrayer has a map of the anicent Dragoon Hills he stole from the past. After it is anyalyzed, further locactions should be discovered.


Drake’s Nest

Ancient Temple to Bahumat





Spiders (And it is always spiders)




Nothing yet…

Dragon Fang Hills

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