Grey Realms

The Grey Realms are the collective uncivilized territories north of the Grey Mountains. They are not populated by the civil races of the world as The Kingdom is; instead, it is populated by various creatures and monstrous races such as goblins and orcs. Unlike the rest of the world, the Grey Realms are highly dangerous and unforgiving; many would-be heroes have met their end in the wilds of the Grey Realms.

Long ago, before the Age of Darkness, the Grey Realms were populated by small civilizations of various races. There is little knowledge as to how these peoples lives and interacted. Most of their history is a mystery. The one surviving legend from the Grey Realms is the City of Silver; a city rumored to have been made out of nothing but pure silver.

However, sometime during the Age of Darkness, all of the people suddenly vanished. Nobody knows why. Most historians agree that the mass extiction was a direct result of the wars during the Age of Darkness, though there are no facts to support this theory. To this day, the Grey Realms have remained empty, and The Kingdom has made no effort to reclaim the land.

Because of its mystery, the Grey Realms have become a major lure for adventurers. Some hope to explore its ruins in hopes of discovering the truth of its history. Others hope to find riches and treasures beyond imagine. And some just enjoy the thrill of the life or death adventures which can only be found in the Grey Realms. Regardless, all adventurers pass through Weyward Village, the last bastion of civilization in the face of the wilds.

Grey Realms

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