Hayvard Armory

The local armory run by Brett Hayvard and his wife, Carissa. The armory also employes several locals to run the forge. The armory is very well stocked, and any item within reason can be purchased here, as well as +1 magic versions of said items. The armory will also create magic items by comission from adventurers, should they have the proper materials and money.

Brett Hayvard

Well-mannered and a generally pleasant fellow, Brett Hayvard is very easy to get along with. He once was a personal blacksmith for one of the royal courts in The Kingdom, but he found the work boring and moved to Weyward with his wife to live a more laid-back life. Becasue of his time in the royal court, Brett is very skilled at his trade, and is capable of making exquisite works of art… if the price is right. He often makes unique pieces for adventurers or, in some rare instances, royalty who come north seeking his masterpieces.

Carissa Hayvard

Carissa Hayvard is much quiter than her husband and is much less involved with the day-to-day operation of the store. As powerful enchantress, Carissa is the one responsible for imbuing the magic items at the armory with their magical properties. She, like her husband, is one of the best at her profession, and is able to make increadibly powerful magic items, given she has access to plenty of time and resources.

Outstanding Quests

Brett Hayvard mentioned in passing an old legend about an old Gem Mine far to the west in the Grey Realms. According to legend, a long time ago, a bunch of dwarves mined a vein of gems at the base of the Grey Mountains that contained invaluable wealth. Several groups of adventurers have ventured into the wilderness searching the mine, and only one ever returned claiming to have found the mine. The group, lacking nearly have of their original company, claimed that the mines were empty. This was nearly 20 years ago. Brett suggested that maybe you try to find the mines if you looking to find adventure and wealth.

Hayvard Armory

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