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The Grey Realms

This will be the main wiki page for the campaign. I will attempt to update it as information is added by players to the adventure log, for ease of future reference. Feel free to, as players, update and add pages as you see fit.

Keep in mind everything on here will be constantly updated as the game progresses.

Upcoming Game Sessions


Player Characters

These need to be updated, bear with me.

Delloric, Luke’s Half-Elf Bard (Status: Level 4, 3750xp, Active)

Oris, Eric’s Deva Avenger (Status: Level 3, 2355xp, Active)

Bulwark, Wilson’s Warforged Fighter (Status: Level 3, 2510xp, Active)

Selena, Emily’s Elf Cleric (Status: Level 2, 1470xp, Active)

Doctor Fred Niggerbaiter, Andrew’s Half-Orc Ranger (Status: Level 2, 1020xp, Active)

Heoff the Betrayer, Devan’s Dwarf Barbarian (Status: Level 3, 32×3xp, Active)

Nala, Janell’s Dragonborn Paladin (Status: Level 1, 530xp, Active)

Richard, Niko’s Githyanki Wizard (Status: Level 1, 0xp, Active)

Vincent Vega, Alex’s Longtooth-Shifter Cleric (Status: Level 1, 642xp, Contemplating Retirement)

Sophia, Janell’s Elf Rogue (Status: Level 1, 823xp, Dead)

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

If you need help creating your character, feel free to email me.

Regions of the Realm

Places & Locations

The Map

Map of the Realm

Map is uploaded, but the edges were cut off by the bastards at the Portal. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Unexplored/Rumored Places and Outstanding Quests

  • The main Kobold fortification in the Dragon Fang Hills (Formerly Dragoon Hills)
  • There have been tales told by the smith, Hayvard, of a gem mine somewhere west of the Bell Tree Forest.
  • The sunken city somewhere in the Bell Tree Forest.
  • Phoebe’s financee, Matthiew has gone missing looking for the company of knights. Find him, or his magic ring to prove his death.

Important Party Decisions

  • The Party has betrayed the Urisk of the Bell Tree Forest.
  • The Party has betrayed the Kobolds.
  • The Party has allied with The Guardian and the Bell Tree Grove.

Mysteries Surrounding the Grey Realms

  • The flying City of Silver, or Tempus Fugit. Where or when is it now, and what did it do? And why did it want to attack the Dragoons?
  • The Order of Knights that ventured into the Grey Realms. Where did they go, and why?
  • Chardaius; what is it, and why are the Knights looking for it?
  • The Urisk tribes have been in existance since the time of the Great Rain, according to (former) tribe leader Gaars. What was the Great Rain?
  • What is the seed that gave birth to The Grove?
  • Why does Bulwark The Outcast continue to add skulls and bones to his body?
  • What was the fire that caused the smugglers to leave their cave caused by? Did the Great Rain put it out?

Think of anything else? Add it.

Wonderous Magical Artifacts Acquired

(Note this does not include normal named magical items, only the unique and bizzarre items)

Memorable Quotes

  • “I am NOT hiding in Drake shit!”-Oris
  • “It’s okay, I’m shouting at them.”-Delloric
  • “Do you speak elven?” “No, I speak with the Gods.”-Oris
  • “Spiders? I’m outta here.”-Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

Achievements Unlocked


Odds ‘n Ends

The ‘Unoffical’ Grey Realms Theme Song: Neverending Journey by Nobuo Uematsu

A semi-automated excel based character maker Can Be Downloaded Here . This is a great tool for automatically determining aspects of your character, though some fields are going to have to be entered manually (how terrible, I know). If you want to, you can send me your character in this form for ease of electronic editing.

The link that started it all: The Grand Experiment . Click here for the blog posts by Ben Robbins which inspired this campaign.


Not to upstage Devan but there are sites out there with free forum hosting and so I made an off-site forums for the Grey Realms here. Please use it.

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