Order of Knights

“There was a large group of well armored knights that passed through town not that long ago. They didn’t stay for long – they all looked like they were on a mission” ~Weylon the Bartender

About two weeks before the heroes came to Weyward Village, a group of knights passed through the town. While they did not share their intentions, or who they were working for, with any of the locals, they soon ventured into the Grey Realms. They might know something about the Grey Realms, and some of the mysteries surrounding it. Unfortunately, it is unknown where exactly the Knights currently are or went (or if they’re even still alive).

A journal was discovered in the Smuggler’s Cave on the body of a dead knight. The journal, while missing several pages, proved invaluable in shedding light on the company of knights. The journal was written by one Sir Jorwan. The Knights were searching for something called “Chardaius” in the Grey Realms. They were led by Sir Marrion, though it appears there may have been a power struggle between Sir Marrion and one named Lillian. There was also an unsavory bard in the company who was unaffiliated with the knights and not at all trusted by Sir Jorwan.

The knights first traveled north to the Bell Tree Grove, where they were spotted by The Guardian. They then went west and ventured into the Smuggler’s Cave. There, the last entry was written by Sir Jorwan before his death. He writes that he was fatally poisoned by the spiders of the cave, and the company, wounded and lacking resources, were forced to abanddon him in the cave. His last words were “Marrion was right. Chardaius was a fool’s quest”.

The trail of the knights has since gone cold.

Order of Knights

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