Weyward Village

Weyward sits nestled in a valley running the length to the Grey Mountains. The village and the mountain range provide the natural southern border of the Grey Realms. Long ago, the village played an important role in the trade between the Grey Realms and the rest to the world. Since the Age of Darkness and the retreat from the Grey Realms, the village of Weyward has ceased to be of any real importance to the world. It does however remain as the last bastion of civilization in the northern borders of The Kingdom. The few adventurers remaining in the world often come to Weyward before passing into the Grey Realms, and usually make it their base of operations in the hostile wilderness.

The town itself is home to about 750 hardy individuals who cling to a more rustic form of life. The village is made of mostly wooden or stone buildings built relatively near each other. From the center of towns, several farms populate the fertile soil of the valley up to the narrow point where the mountains give way to the Grey Realms. The town is designed to cater to the adventurers who so often find their way into town. The Kingmaker’s Tavern is the main base of operations for adventurers in town, providing lodging and food for weary travelers. Before our heroes came to the Grey Realms, a band of adventurers once used a wooden table in the Kingmaker’s Tavern to map out their adventures into the Grey Realms. Eventually, the adventurers all died or retired, and the table was destroyed or otherwise lost.

Brett Hayvard, a blacksmith, operates the Hayvard Armory along with a few apprentices and his wife and enchantress, Carissa Hayvard. There, they sell pieces of mundane armor and a few magic items. If people bring requests and heaps of gold, Hayvard will make commissioned pieces of art, especially if the PCs bring some exotic materials.

There is a large, wooden Temple of Erathis near the center of town. The temple is resided over by the elderly priest Llednar Twem, a serious and solemn man. He is willing to provide assistance to the adventurers in the form of healing magic, but no resurrections. ‘Apprenticing’ Llednar is Phoebe Lull, a cleric in training whom one day hopes to take over the temple for Llednar.

Ursula the local sorceress runs the Willowind Magick Shop on the eastern side of town. She has access to basic magical supplies for potion making and spell components and the like, and also sells handy potions to would be adventurers. She is always on the lookout for exotic spell and crafting components, and will be willing to pay adventurers for such items.

There is not much else of note in the town of Weyward; occasionally, Solomon the Wandering Merchant will stop by in Weyward, and he has many unique items for sale. He also is always looking for rare and collectable artifacts, and is willing to pay handsomely for them. Redgar the Displaced Captain of the Guard operates a tightly run security force in the town – his job is not only to keep the peace, but to also maintain the North Wall separating Weyward from the Grey Realms.

Recently, in response to Oris’s incessant preaching, a small cult worshipping the Raven Queen seems to have taken root in town. So far, it doesn’t seem like much more than an excuse for a few townies to get together and get drunk, but they have begun construction on a small shire on a plot of dirt purchased by Oris.

Weyward Village

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