An Elf cleric in search of her identity


STR- 14

CON- 12

DEX- 13

INT- 8 :-(

WIS- 18

CHA- 14

Max HP- 34

AC- 18

FORT- 12

REF- 11

WILL- 16

Other stuff- Lvl. 3 magic mace, Chains of the Victor (chainmail), Sun Disk of Pelor.

BY THE WAY I drew the picture of her yesterday and today because I was bored. So let me know what you think (send me a message) and please don’t be too mean. ;-)


Selena was born to a high-minded, detached, insular elf clan whose people had no interest in associating themselves with the other people of the world. As a result, Selena spent her whole life unaware that there were other races of people in the world and other languages spoken and other gods worshiped besides hers, Sehanine, the moon goddess (this is where Selena’s name comes from, as it means “moon”). Her clan was incredibly devoted to their deity but Selena never felt the connection the elders said everyone who believed should. She had a natural curiosity and would often venture off into the woods of her clan’s island alone, exploring. One day while she was out she came across a fawn whose leg had broken. She brought the animal back to her clan where the clan leader healed it in her presence. Selena was astounded with the cleric’s ability and begged to become the his apprentice. After much discussion, debate, and consult with Sehanine, her wish was granted.
When she came of age, Selena decided to leave the island she called home to satisfy her curiosity of the outside world. It was soon after beginning this expedition that she discovered a temple for the sun god Pelor. On a whim, she attempted to pray to him, and was suddenly overwhelmed with a deep spiritual connection to the god. She realized that the world was not as perfect as her elf clan and presented, and became disgusted with her past lifestyle and family. She made a vow to help others and show the world the compassion her clan had been denying. She heard of the uncharted Grey Realms and soon found herself swept up in a mission to protect the town that resided there. The Grey Realms are filled with danger, and Selena hopes to prove herself to her new companions and keep them from serious harm. Hopefully Pelor smiles down upon her and her group as they travel through the dangers of the wilderness.


The Grey Realms GoggleGirl92